Shutout (Demo Version) - Virus (17) - The Agent That Shapes The Desert (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album)

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  7. Jun 01,  · The only virus to ever exist (Flashback) was an exploited flaw in Java that allowed a Mac to be infected in a very virus like manner by using Java as an end-around onto the system. If you had Java enabled for your web browser and visited an infected site, Flashback would install itself without any user intervention. Exactly as a virus behaves.
  8. Norway's Virus has checked in with the following update about the recording process for their new album: "Czral is pretty much done preaching, crooning and freaking his way through the lyrics, and we now have 10 tracks with vocals on them. There are a couple more tracks that may or may not have vocals added, the jury's still out.

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