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  1. Cupid definition, the ancient Roman god of love and the son of either Mars or Mercury and Venus, identified with Eros and commonly represented as a winged, naked, infant boy .
  2. Cupid Lyrics: Cupid, draw back your bow / And let your arrow go / Straight to my lover's heart for me, for me / Cupid, please hear my cry / And let your arrow fly / Straight to my lover's heart.
  3. Cupid definition: The definition of Cupid was the god of love in Greek mythology, often shown as a naked winged cherub as an angel of love. (noun) An example of Cupid is the winged naked baby character who is shown on valentines with a bow and arrow.
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  5. cupid tv1 is the place where you can hear the newest music & see the latest videos by multi-platinum singer cupid. from traditional r&b to his zydeco & south.
  6. Cupid is an inner satellite of Uranus. It was discovered by Mark R. Showalter and Jack J. Lissauer in using the Hubble Space Telescope. It was named after a character in William Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens. It is the smallest of inner Uranian satellites, crudely estimated to Orbital period: d.
  7. Cupid and Psyche are said to have had a daughter who was given the name Voluptas meaning ‘pleasure.’ How Cupid Relates To Today’s World. In addition to all the Valentine’s Day cards, decorations and other things associated with February 14th the Day of Love, several musicians have written songs about Cupid.
  8. Feb 12,  · The mention of Cupid typically conjures up images of a cherubic winged infant wielding a bow and arrow, but this wasn’t always the case. Long before the Romans adopted and renamed him, Cupid .

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